Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the family

There was this bisexual person named james… james realy hates his family for many reason… he hate his fucking bullshit grandmother… his cousins that is idiot`s, one of james cousin is named bont… bont is a certified gay… had many sexperience which is always being known trough all the streets and trough out the school and because of this james popularity is being affected

“my gosh is that bont`s cousin I wonder if his a sex adik as well as his cousin”

James always here this in there street and in the school that’s why he realy hates his cousin.

James mom is a working mom… very smart and intellegent always being respected by the others but this respect begun to be lost when bont did things but still other respect her…james dad is a waiter in other state… james know that the job of his mom and dad is hard that’s why he realy do anything to make his studies on the top… but his family always getting in the way …. One reason is his cousin`s is always coming inside there house being so noisy which makes james being disturb and cant study hard because of the noise

James didn’t react on this things because he think his family are the ones who can help him when he is in danger but then again… his wrong…
One day james had a class report on the class he did his reports and he report it well…and got a high score… that’s why he desided to have a little party in the house of his friend

“we are sure that youll be the top student in this semester ,every teacher likes you and gives you a high grade..”

“thank you, I wish so”

The party and happyness long until james get drunk because of the vodca that his friends make him drink it…. James knew that he couldn’t go home by himself that’s why he tried calling his grandma and ask if someone could pick him up… his grandma just said ok…

James waited and waited his other friends tried to wait too but its too late they have to go home too until james had no hope ,james sleep in the street that time
When its morning … james felt that someone is waking him up… when he wake up it was a junk boy asking if his ok… james head is in pain… but he still made it till he came to his house… james realized that his family is not the one who would help him ….

That’s when james anger start… he begun to say bad things not only to his cousins but to his grandmother and other relatives… when some one asked him about his relatives he just said he don’t know who is that person….james even try to change his midle and surname… james begun to be cruel to his cousins… he yell at his cousins when they are noisy

One day… james woke up because of a noise coming from the kitchen… it was his grandma cooking …. And he said

“what are you doing?.. i don’t need anyhelp from you go away!”

His grandma was shock when she heard this… and his grandma slamp his face.. when james felt it… he desided to go away from this house james have enough money he could go any where he want.. he have dollar and peso accounts… james pack his things and left …james studied and work hard

After a several years james is a producer of big stars and has its own company after 5 years his life begun to be so different and sometimes when he think of his family he just say to his self….

“look at me now?... im at the top and you guys still on the bottom… wait until the day of my revenge”

Then the phone ring…


“sir someone is in the other line shes clamming shes your mom…”

“let her talk to me”

“yes sir”

After a minute the phone rang again… james prepared his self… and he picks up the phone

“hello? Whos this?”

“james? Its your mom… its me”

“mom? Im sorry but my family is dead you better pick on someone else to have a prunk call on…”

“james its me your mom..!! james!”

When james is about to put the phone down he heard a voice


“oh? So its you? My bullshit grandma, how are you? It’s a surprise your still alive I thougth your dead.. you know what? Ill be so happy if you died ,,, if all of you died!”

Then james trow the phone… ang gone to sleep having a big smile on his face.. again years past james become more famous and rich….but one day james received a letter from one of his family and it says

“grandma is dead just like what you want I wish your happy”

James was so happy when he red this he said thank god shes dead! Yes!

But the truth is his heart is broken into pieces… he just want to show everyone that he doesn’t care anymore about his family… in the next day everything was just a normal day for james.. he get dressed up eat his breakfast and went to work ..when james is in the office he cant work properly his thinking of his family then he begun crying and said

“fucking jesus crist! Its all your fault you never said to me what is the rigth thing to do you left me alone when I need your help! Its all your fault!!”

Now james is putting all the anger in jesus crist… he think that jesus left him all alone when he needs a help from him then someone knock on james office…. Its was his childhood friend mina

“are you ok?,I heard you crying… is it about your grandma?”

“do you think I get a bit cruel to them?”james

“not bit!?…youve been a big problem to them… but they realy still care for you”mina

“no they don’t!.... they hate me…”

“james you’re the only one whos saying that,james its time to forgive and to forget”mina

“mina please help me,help me mina please”

“yes james I will,what are friends for, the first thing were going to do is to go to your grandmas funeral “mina

“huh? Are you sure? Isnt it too early to start?”

“remember the early bird caches the worm, lets not waste time,”


Mina and james desided to go to the funeral when they got there.. everyone is staring at james

“hey is that the kid who hates his family?”

When james heard this he realy said to him self “I have to be brave”

“don t listen to them james,they don’t know whats the real story”mina

“tnx mina”

When james is a mile to their house he know he have to be brave … then james saw his mom…

“james?? Is that you?”

“yes mom its me, im so—“

Before james say more his mom hug him and said

“god you heard my prayer my son is back …”

“mom is so sorry.,”

Then james and his mom cried ,mina just smiled she know she helped her friend in a big way


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