Tuesday, June 29, 2010

forbidden love (part3)

it was 6am in the morning when jenny`s phone was ringin and jenny pick it up

jenny: hello? Good morning …

wency: ** sounds of crying**

jenny: hello? Wency? Is this you? Whats happening? Why are you crying?

Wency: sis huhuhu… tom is not txting neither calling me since 3 weeks.. I realy miss him huhuhu

Jenny: ha? My gosh! I thought something bad is happening to you!

Wency: this is bad… my baby is not calling neither txting me ** cry becomes louder**

Jenny: wens did you try to txt him? Or call him?

Wency: yeh I did but his not picking up his phone.. huhuhu

Jenny: you know what… since I have nothing to do later were just going to your place ^_^

Wency: ok… atleast I could have someone to talk with…what time are you going here?

Jenny: im going to txt marco and nicko to come… as far as I know they don’t have anything to do either I think we are going there 10am.. is that ok?

Wency: yeh sure… im expecting you guys to come 10am here in my house!

Just like expected … marco ,nicko and jenny came to wency`s house 10 am…they saw wency crying while watching tv…

Jenny: hey! Were here.!! Is the show realy so sad? …..

But when jenny take a look at the show it was a comedy show (tom and jerry) cartoon…

Jenny: hey!!... you supposed to be happy.!?

Wency: huh?? Oh you’re here…

Jenny: about time you realized we are here..!!! why is there so many tissues here?

Wency: I think I over used the tissues?

Jenny: yeh super obviuos..lets clean up first..

While jenny and nicko is cleaning up the floor, its time for marco to asked and talk to wency

Marco: wens? Are you ok? Whats wrong?

Wency: marc do I look ok?? … its tom his not txting me neither calling me I try to call him but he doesn’t pick up his phone… I think he don’t like me anymore

Marco: oh common…. Wency… you’re nice ,cute,and educated person …remember theres many fish in the sea…

Wency: but tom is a shark!! Do you know its so hard to catch a shark?

Marco: hahaha….your not that sad!… your making jokes meaning your not so much sad.. your just missing someone… stop this childish none sence ok? Stop crying… you shoudnt waste your time crying on someone who doesn’t give you time…
Marco erased the tears on wency`s eye… and smiled… then nicko said “ hey don’t mind me asking but … where`s your parents?”

Wency: ahmm actually I don’t know wheres my mom is … my dad is in states so im the only one whos living here…

Nicko: realy? Wow… can you live all by your own?

Wency: well I can survive… dad gives me money every end of the week

Marco: since when is your dad away from you?

Wency: well I think when I was a grade 5 student?! Before.. I have someone looking after me… her name is marta..shes a nice girl I think by now shes in states too… working as a caregiver…..

Marco: when did this marta leave you?

Wency: ahmm when I was 1st year student I was living alone in this house… at first I thought I cant but some how I did make it… I can cook, I can clean the house and do many house hold things…

Nicko: it must be so lonely living alone?

Wency: yeh super…. But I always think that someday someone would be there for me someone who would never leave me…

Jenny: and that’s us…. We are your friends for eternity….

wency: but then again nothing last forever.

Nicko: but we will do everything to make it last forever..

Wency: thank you guys…

Nicko: it must be so scary living alone in this big house

Wency: have to be so brave… theres no one to look out for me…

Jenny: but now we are here… theres someone who will care and look out for you

When wency heard this he knew he had found the rigth friends …. But theres still one problem he realy miss his lover

Marco: if you realy miss tom… then lets go to his house rigth now… take a bath and dress up were going to tom`s house…

Wency emidiately do the things that marco said and they leave ,when they got infront of the house of tom they knock at the door but no one is responding.. when nicko touch the door knob it was open when they got inside the house they hear noises from up stairs….

Marco: you said your brave ? is the time to show your braveness
Marco said this to wency… marco had an idea from what is happening up stairs and he know wency will be hurt

Jenny: guys I think we better go..

Wency: no I want to know whos up stairs!...

Wency is about to cry at this moment he knew what marco is thinking… wency go up stairs and the noises begun to be louder and louder wency take a peek on the door and he cried when he saw whats the noises are.. it was tom doing love with other girl wency couldn’t help his self …. He knock to the door and opened it

Wency: konnichiwa,sore o mite bikkurishita ….. sayonara

And wency`s eyes begun to burst with tear…wency run out side the house jenny rush out side following wency

Marco: bakero!,I thought youd be a good lover for him but I gues your not, you just wanted his body don’t you?

Tom: hai, your rigth I just want to taste him..

Marco was very angry at this moment but nicko said “we must go.. we shouldn’t be here anymore but before we go” nicko came closely to tom.. and punch him… and said “bullsh*t” when they all get out side the house they tried to make wency feel that his not alone… but all of a sudden it started to rain.. and they just heard wency saying “ guys please just leave me alone I just need a time of my own please”

Jenny: guys I think we need to leave him

Nicko: ha? Are you sure?

Jenny just smiled at nicko and marco..then they leave.. after leaving wency take a walk in the rain its not very obvious that if you cry in the rain no one could see you, wency don’t want anyone to see him crying at this time wency think that his the only one on his life theres no one to love him no one to care for him but his self ,wency came to the park theres only him so his free to scream anything he want

then wency sits on the ground and cries , wency didn’t know that his 3 best friends was just a mile away looking at him… jenny couldn’t stand it no more she came to wency and hug him…

jenny: wens your not alone…

nicko: we are here to care and look for you.. we will never leave you…

marco: that’s for sure… common stop crying…

** group hug**

Marco: remember what I said? Theres many fish in the water… you just have to be patient in waiting… and this broken heart of yours? … let me tell you… time can heal anything ^_^

Wency: thank you ….

Marco: common lets go home…

Then wency stand up and they go home… wishing that everything would be ok..

to be continued

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