Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the family

There was this bisexual person named james… james realy hates his family for many reason… he hate his fucking bullshit grandmother… his cousins that is idiot`s, one of james cousin is named bont… bont is a certified gay… had many sexperience which is always being known trough all the streets and trough out the school and because of this james popularity is being affected

“my gosh is that bont`s cousin I wonder if his a sex adik as well as his cousin”

James always here this in there street and in the school that’s why he realy hates his cousin.

James mom is a working mom… very smart and intellegent always being respected by the others but this respect begun to be lost when bont did things but still other respect her…james dad is a waiter in other state… james know that the job of his mom and dad is hard that’s why he realy do anything to make his studies on the top… but his family always getting in the way …. One reason is his cousin`s is always coming inside there house being so noisy which makes james being disturb and cant study hard because of the noise

James didn’t react on this things because he think his family are the ones who can help him when he is in danger but then again… his wrong…
One day james had a class report on the class he did his reports and he report it well…and got a high score… that’s why he desided to have a little party in the house of his friend

“we are sure that youll be the top student in this semester ,every teacher likes you and gives you a high grade..”

“thank you, I wish so”

The party and happyness long until james get drunk because of the vodca that his friends make him drink it…. James knew that he couldn’t go home by himself that’s why he tried calling his grandma and ask if someone could pick him up… his grandma just said ok…

James waited and waited his other friends tried to wait too but its too late they have to go home too until james had no hope ,james sleep in the street that time
When its morning … james felt that someone is waking him up… when he wake up it was a junk boy asking if his ok… james head is in pain… but he still made it till he came to his house… james realized that his family is not the one who would help him ….

That’s when james anger start… he begun to say bad things not only to his cousins but to his grandmother and other relatives… when some one asked him about his relatives he just said he don’t know who is that person….james even try to change his midle and surname… james begun to be cruel to his cousins… he yell at his cousins when they are noisy

One day… james woke up because of a noise coming from the kitchen… it was his grandma cooking …. And he said

“what are you doing?.. i don’t need anyhelp from you go away!”

His grandma was shock when she heard this… and his grandma slamp his face.. when james felt it… he desided to go away from this house james have enough money he could go any where he want.. he have dollar and peso accounts… james pack his things and left …james studied and work hard

After a several years james is a producer of big stars and has its own company after 5 years his life begun to be so different and sometimes when he think of his family he just say to his self….

“look at me now?... im at the top and you guys still on the bottom… wait until the day of my revenge”

Then the phone ring…


“sir someone is in the other line shes clamming shes your mom…”

“let her talk to me”

“yes sir”

After a minute the phone rang again… james prepared his self… and he picks up the phone

“hello? Whos this?”

“james? Its your mom… its me”

“mom? Im sorry but my family is dead you better pick on someone else to have a prunk call on…”

“james its me your mom..!! james!”

When james is about to put the phone down he heard a voice


“oh? So its you? My bullshit grandma, how are you? It’s a surprise your still alive I thougth your dead.. you know what? Ill be so happy if you died ,,, if all of you died!”

Then james trow the phone… ang gone to sleep having a big smile on his face.. again years past james become more famous and rich….but one day james received a letter from one of his family and it says

“grandma is dead just like what you want I wish your happy”

James was so happy when he red this he said thank god shes dead! Yes!

But the truth is his heart is broken into pieces… he just want to show everyone that he doesn’t care anymore about his family… in the next day everything was just a normal day for james.. he get dressed up eat his breakfast and went to work ..when james is in the office he cant work properly his thinking of his family then he begun crying and said

“fucking jesus crist! Its all your fault you never said to me what is the rigth thing to do you left me alone when I need your help! Its all your fault!!”

Now james is putting all the anger in jesus crist… he think that jesus left him all alone when he needs a help from him then someone knock on james office…. Its was his childhood friend mina

“are you ok?,I heard you crying… is it about your grandma?”

“do you think I get a bit cruel to them?”james

“not bit!?…youve been a big problem to them… but they realy still care for you”mina

“no they don’t!.... they hate me…”

“james you’re the only one whos saying that,james its time to forgive and to forget”mina

“mina please help me,help me mina please”

“yes james I will,what are friends for, the first thing were going to do is to go to your grandmas funeral “mina

“huh? Are you sure? Isnt it too early to start?”

“remember the early bird caches the worm, lets not waste time,”


Mina and james desided to go to the funeral when they got there.. everyone is staring at james

“hey is that the kid who hates his family?”

When james heard this he realy said to him self “I have to be brave”

“don t listen to them james,they don’t know whats the real story”mina

“tnx mina”

When james is a mile to their house he know he have to be brave … then james saw his mom…

“james?? Is that you?”

“yes mom its me, im so—“

Before james say more his mom hug him and said

“god you heard my prayer my son is back …”

“mom is so sorry.,”

Then james and his mom cried ,mina just smiled she know she helped her friend in a big way


forbidden love (last part)

It was 8 in the morning when micth`s phone was ringing

“ha? Sino kaya to ang aga aga ah.. not registered pa ang num…hello?whos this?”micth

“iho si tita clarice mo to…”clarice

“oh tita bat ka napatawag?”micth

“I heard what happened sa birthday party ni marco.. and im not liking it”clarice

“tita… lets just admit it… yun ang gusto nia wala na po tayong magagawa dun”micth

“kung kayo wala ako meron… isang malaking kahihiyan sa pamilya naten yan , ano nalang sasabihin ng mga katrabaho at kaibigan the dignity of our family`s name is in sake!”clarice

“but tita—“micth

“no buts uuwi ako ng pilipinas sa lalong madaling panahon ako ang mag pipigil sa kanila”clarice

“tita your making a big mistake”micth

Convo ended

Mitch was so shock .. hindi niya akalain na ganun ka bilis kakalat agad ang balita pati sa lugar ng tita niya alam na ang nangyare….

The family of marco is a rich family known trough out the country kaya isang pagkakamali lang sira na agad ang kanilang pangalan

“I have to inform marc”micth

Dialing the num. of marc

“common marc pick up the phone!...”micth

But no one is answering micth desided to call jenny

“hello!.. jenny kasama mo ba sila marc?”micth

“hindi ,bakit?”jenny

“ tumawag saken ang tita namen… uuwi si tita dito sa pilipinas para pigilan sila marc at nicko”micth

“pigilan from what?”jenny

“from there relationship, malaki raw kahihiyan sa pamilya namen ang ginagawa ni marc”micth

“ha?!...hala… eh anung plano mo ngayon?”jenny

“we have to inform them”mitch

“did you try calling marc?”jenny

“yeh I did di nia sinasagot yung mga tawag ko ih”micth

“cge ako nalang tatawag sa kanila… im going to call nicko inform ko sia then si marc…”jenny

“babe kailangan si marc muna ang makaalam before si nicko”micth

“ocge cge…tatawagan ko si marc sa bahay nila.. pati sa cp nia..”jenny

“thank you babe… pag naka usap mo svhin mo tumawag na rin sia saken”micth

Convo done

Jenny tried everything to contact marco and nicko but she couldn’t . jenny just leave a message on marco`s ym and said

“call me if your not bc anymore”jenny

Marco is in a vacation with nicko they decided to have a vacation by there self being alone together it’s a 2 days vacation, jenny caled wency

“hello wens? Alam mo ba kung nasan sila marc?”jenny

“yeah sabi saken ni nicko may 2 days vacation daw sila they just want to be alone together”wency

“ganun ha! Ang daya ah…anyways hindi yun yung tinawag ko.. I have to talk with marco!”jenny

“well you have to wait for 2 days…”wency

“cge na nga bahala na”jenny

After 2 days marco and nicko came home when marco opened his cellphone its full of messages and miscalls same as nicko

“ano kayang meron?”nicko

“I better call jenny mukang importante to”marco

*marco dialing jenny`s no.*

“hello jenny?”marco

“marco!.. you need to talk to your couzin mukang may problem”jenny

“anong problem to?”marco

“remember what happened yung sa birthday mo?, nakarating na sa states ang balita kung anung nangyare and your tita is going back here sa pinas”jenny

“tita? Sinong tita?”marco

“tita clarice daw?, I don’t realy know—“jenny

“WHAT! … no this cant be happening , hindi pwdeng umiwi at bigla nalang umepal ang babaeng yon!”marco

“ok marco calm down, just talk to micth may plan siya”jenny

Convo ended

“babe? Is something wrong bakit parang namumutla ka?”nicko

Clarice is a tita of marco one of most scaries tita of marco she can do everything she want and do everything as planed

Marco immediately came close to nicko and kissed him

“babe promice me youll never go away from me, kahit kailan hindi ka aalis sa tabe ko”marco

“yes babe I promice stop crying , I love you”nicko

Days pass at walang nakuhang info sila marco about sa tita nila …

It’s a Sunday morning mag kakasama ang buong barkada sa loob ng house nila micth

“heres our snack”micth

“wow… looks deliciuos”tom

“syempre ako nag luto ih”jenny

“anyways guys.. malapit na ang graduation naten were going to collage na san kayo mag aaral?”micth

“oo nga noh.. ilang months nalang,,”

Naputol ang usapan nila ng biglang may kumatok sa pintuan..

“sino naman kaya to? Ang aga aga ah”micth

When micth opened the door he was so shock…it was there tita clarice

“so whats happening here?”clarice

“good morning tita”micth

Clarice looked at nicko and said

“theres no good in the morning”clarice

“tita baka pagod na po kayo ahmm… andun po yung guest room upstairs”micth

“im not tired… last day pa ako dumating,nag pahinga ako sa condo ko… anyway im not liking what im seeing here”clarice

“babe lets go”marco

“marco, iho arent you going to say hi to me?.. hindi mo ba manlang namiss ang tita mo?”clarice

Dinedma ni marco ang tita nya and immediately umalis sila ni nicko

“how rude”clarice

Kumuha ng taxi si marco agad silang sumakay ni nicko…

“san tayo pupunta babe?”nicko

“kahit saan!”marco

“wanna go to my house?”nicko

Walang kibo si marco then nicko hug him

“babe don’t worry everything will be fine… wag ka nang mag alala ok”nicko

“kasi babe—“

Before marco said another word nicko kissed him

“I love you… remember? I made a promice I will never let you go…”nicko

“I love you too..”marco

“so where you wanna go?”nicko

“lets just go to the place na first date naten”marco

“ok kung san mo gusto”nicko

Nang makarating sila nicko and marco sa park nicko did everything to make marco forgot everything that happened kanina… hindi naman nabigo si nicko ,marco had a great time and halos nakalimutan niya lahat ng bagay tungkol sa tita nia… nag tagal sila dun until 12 midnyt when its time to go home hinatid ni nicko si marco sa bahay nila…

“bye babe, thank you kanina I had so much fun”marco

“anything for you babe.. I love you”nicko

“I love you too”marco

Marco is about to kiss nicko when the door opened

“iho marco! Anung oras na ah..!”clarice

“tita?!... why are you here in my house?”marco

“well your dad said its ok for me to stay here”clarice

“but tita—“
“at ikaw naman…!! Kung san san mo dinadala tong pamangkin ko.. anung klaseng tao kaba?.. pano kung may nangyare dito…umuwi kana!”clarice

“TITA ANO BA!”marco

“babe its ok…. Cge po… uwi na po ko..”nicko


When nicko was gone marco was looking straight to his tita..

“I hate that eyes”clarice

“cause this eyes is like the eyes of your ex husband”marco

Then after saying this marco walked away

“hey wag mo kong talikuran pag kinakausap kita” clarise

“ano bang gusto mong gawin ko? Harapin ka at makipag sampalan sayo?!”marco

“ganyan ba ang natututunan mo sa lalakeng yon? Ang sagutin ako? Tandaan mo marco tita mo ko… kaya dapat mo kong respetohin”clarise

“bakit tita?, niririspeto mo ba ang pag papasya at kagustuhan ko?”marco

Clarise didn’t say a thing, marco walked up the stairs leaving his tita down stairs when marco was in his room he cried and his phone rang

“babe I love you ayokong mawala ka saken ipag lalaban kita sa tita mo… mahal na mahal kita”

Nicko gave him a txt message

he txt him back…

“I love you too babe hinding hindi kita iiwan till death do us part, tulog kana babe love you so much”

In the morning mitch came to marcos house

“mitch? Good morning what are you doing here?”clarise

“ I need to talk to you po tita”mitch

“sure sit down”clarise

“tita about po to kila marco , tita please hayaan mo na sila sa buong pamilya naten ikaw lang ang hindi sumasangayon kay marco”mitch


“tita please ,think of it po”mitch

Umalis si mitch at si clarise ay nakatulala nag iisip kung tama pabang ipag patuloy nia ang kaniyang mga plano….nagising si marco ng 10 am he was hoping to see his tita down stairs kaya hinanda nia na ang sarili nia, pero pag baba niya wala dun si clarise… he knocked on clarise bed room pero wala rin dun.. nakita nia ang isang leter na nasa table ng sala

“iho… patawarin mo si tita ha.. masyado lang kasi akong nagging oa I wish you understand… babalik na ako ngayon ng America good luck sa path na ginusto mong tahakin , wag na wag mong kalilimutan ha lagi lang akong nandito susuporta iho I hingi mo na rin ako ng tawad sa mahal mo “

Nag mamahal tita clarise”

Marco was so happy..he called nicko and said the good news
Done of episode 7

Last episode the end ^^

forbidden love (part6)

“ohayo gozaimasu, wake up guys!! Its morning hahaha”jenny

“ohayo jen san… aga mong mang bulahaw haha”wency

“aga ko rin kasi nagiseng anyways.. gumawa na ako ng ating breakfast super aga ko nagiseng promice”jenny

“bakit? What time kaba nagiseng??”tom

“5 :30 gcng na ko hahaha anyways nevermind of it nalng … kain na tayo.. asan naba sila marco at nicko?”jenny..

“maya maya pa yung dalawang yun ..alam mo naman bday ni marco diba?”tom


“haha..jenny bababanarin yung mga yun.. tom para kang sira”wency

“bakit? Ahihi”tom

Then a few minutes marco and nicko came down from up stairs…

“good morning,aba? Sino naman ang nag handa ng breasfast it looks delicious”marco

“ehem… syempre your one and only cutes friend haha”jenny

“marc upo na kayo lumalakas nanaman ang hangin”wency

“ewan!,hali na nga at makakain na mamaya kailangan ko pang pumunta sa office ni papa”jenny

While eating jenny`s phone just rang

“oh? Bat ayaw mo sagutin?”wency

“si micth yan”jenny

“si micth? Anu naman kailangan ng pinsan ko sayo?”marco

“kagabe panga tawag ng tawag ih.. one of the reson kung bakit hindi ako nakatulog because of him”jenny

“ewan ko lang ah… pero.. as far as in know pag ang boy nag pakita ng motive sa girl it means…”wency

“it means what?”jenny


“oh common guys…!? Attracted si micth? Saken? Impossible”jenny

“alam nyo guys.. pag usapan naten yan next time lets just finish our food”marco

They all finished there food and pack up after packing there things they all go to there houses

“bye guys.. thanks for coming ingat sa pag uwe”marco

“yes marc bye thanks din”jenny

Jenny is all alone in the taxi because the way to her house is different from the others …. And her phone just rang


“oh? Sabi ni marco umuwi kana daw? Asan kana?”micth

“dito parin sa taxi malapit na rin ako sa bahay namen ,bakit?”jenny…

“wala lang just want to say good morning.. sorry nga pala kagabe ah.. naistorbo ko yata pagtulog mo”micth

“no its ok,and good morning din..ahm can I ask something micth?... bakit sa dame nameng nasa grupo ako yung napili mong ka phone pal?”jenny

“wala lang feeling ko kasi masarap kang kausap ih”micth

“ah ganun? Haha… anyway I have to put this down na bababa na ako ng taxi ih”jenny

“ok… ahmm pag meron kayong galaan ng barkada mo paki sabi sama ako”micth


Nag tataka si jenny why do micth want to go with them…why do micth want to join there group.. para ba mabantayan ang pinsan niya o para….

“hay nakoh! Nevermind na nga! I`ll call marco nalang to say whats happening”jenny

Jenny an pack all her things and get to the shower shes still thinking about micth..after having a quick bath she gets her phone and dialed marco`s no.

“ha?yun talaga ang sinabi nia sayo? Sure ka?” marco

“yup… nakakapagtaka nga kung bakit gusto niyang makisama sa barkada eh I was thinking na baka he just want to take a look eye for you”jenny

“look eye?? Impossible jen hindi siya ganun ka concern saken noh… I know him since were kids” marco

“edi anung reason? Hindi naman pwdeng gawin nateng reason yung sinabi ni wency”jenny

“hahaha… your thinking of it all the time noh? Haha”marco

“oy hindi ah!... umayus kanga!...”jenny

“malay mo talagang gusto niya lang makipag kaibigan sa buong grupo… kung gusto talaga niyang sumama saten sige hayaan naten siya tingnan nalang naten kung magiging ok ba sya sa iba…”marco

“ocge… mag arrange ka ng isang galaan tapos sasabihin ko kay micth kung gusto niyang sumama”jenny

“sure kaba?”marco

“oo sure na sure ako!”jenny

“ocge… isang galaan rigth away haha”marco

Marco arrange a get together, Sunday ang date sa isang mall na palaging pinupuntahan ng barkada jenny called micth at asked him kung gusto sumama agad namang umoo si micth the day came and all of them were in a fast food eating lunch

“so micth?... can you tell us kung bakit ka biglang nag deside na sumama sa barkada namen?”wency

“wency!...anu kaba?!”jenny

“well because of jenny”micth

“because of who?”jenny

Everyone was staring at jenny and micth


“bakit naman naging reason si jenny? Prangkahan na ah… micth do you like jenny?”marco

“hala? Oy.. walang ganyanan “jenny

Jenny was smiling thinking everything is just a big joke natigil ang smile ni jenny when micth said


biglang natahimik ang lahat that time..
Then tom came bringing the ice cold tea`s

“oh guys ito na ang ang lamig sobra, ….. hello? Bat ang tahimik nyo?”tom

“ahmm tnx tom marc jen kuha na rin kayo… micth heres yours”wency


“im going home”jenny

“sis no.. stay ka lang there lets just be cool .. please?”marco

“whats happening ba?”tom (whispering on wency)

“alam nyo guys may alam akong magandang movie rigth now ih and showing na baka want nyo manuod?”wency

“good idea, jenny? Still coming?”marco

“cge na nga”jenny



After finishing there cold drinks pumunta na sila ng cinema

“hey guys buy naman kayo ng popcorns”marco

“bili nyo rin kame ito yung money oh”wency

“teka!? Sinu namang plano nyong bumili?”jenny

Tom,wency,and marco stared at each other and sabay sabay nilang sinabi na


“cge samahan na kita”micth

“yan naman pala ih sasamahan ka naman pala ni micth ih”tom

“ewan ko sa inyo!? Tara na nga micth”jenny

“do you think were making a good plan?”marco

“well.. mukang ok na rin yun”tom

Nasa labas na ng cinema si jenny at micth when micth started to talk

“ahmm jenny.. sorry kanina na”micth

“do you realy mean it?”jenny

“yeh I do.. the fist time palang kitang makita I fall inlove with you na”micth

“alam mo yung panliligaw?”jenny

“yeh… don’t worry dadaan tayo dun liligawan kita ng maayos promice”micth

“lets go back. I bougth it na…”jenny

“akin na.. ako ng mag dadala nian”micth

After the cinema umuwi na sila…after ng galaan na yon mas naging close na sa barkada si micth at kay jenny syempre at hindi rin nag tagal jenny gave a chance to micth na maging sila…

to be continued

forbidden love (part5)

Summer is almost done… pero para kay marco its not all going to be finish hanggat hindi pa dumarating ang birthday niya…

“hays.. jen anu bang magandang gift para kay babe? Di ako makapili”nicko

“kahit anu.. di naman mapili yung babe mo ih.!?bilhan mo ng teddy bear appriciate nya na yan”jennny

“sige, tulungan niyo kong mag hanap dito sa mall ng human size teddy bear”nicko

“grabe naman to human size haha”tom

“pwde rin human size ah,kakaiba kesa naman roses haha”wency

“oh.. yan tom ah..! narinig mo yan!!... sawa na si wency sa roses mo hahaha”jenny

“oo na !... hirap kaya umisip ng magandang gift”tom

“anyway… may alam akong bear store sa 2nd flor baka makahanap karun”jenny

“ocge tara na”nicko

Samantalang sa house naman ni marco.. everyone is being so bc nag hahanda para sa time ng party.. marco is so bc desiding what perfect t-shirt will he use

“tingin mo anung mas maganda ito o ito”marco

“couz, anything fits you the best… ganda kaya ng body build up mo”mitch

“aba? Ngayon ko lang yata narinig yan from you ? haha”marco

“birthday mo kasi yaan mo pag katapos ng birthday mo lalaitin na uli kita haha”mitch

“sira ulo ka talaga,anyway… ito nalng … mukang maganda naman eh”marco

“ok.. it looks good..walang biro” mitch

“haha syempre ako ang nag suot eh”marco

Then marco started to dress up…mitch is a cousin of marco same age sila ni marco halos same appearance but so different in attitude… mitch doesn’t believe in same gender relationship masyadong maka god si mitch na kailangan sundin niya lahat ng utos ni god… so mitch is a guy who don’t want same gender relationships… hindi nag tagal the party is about to start…at dumating na sila jenny,tom,wency and nicko sa house ni marco

“we are here!” jenny

“traffic ba? Musta byahe?”marco

“super init grabe,anyway kaya rin kame natagalan kasi yung isa jan bumili pa ng birthday gift”jenny

“babe happy birthday”nicko… sabay inabot niya ang human size teddy bear kay marco

“cute haha,”marco

“speechless? … favorite color mo pa yan haha”wency

After na binigay ni nicko ang gift niya sunod sunod nang nag bigay sina jenny tom and wency… wency gave marco a watch ,jenny gave marco a beatiful bracelet with the name of marco on it, and tom gave a brand new cellphone (blueberry)

“thank you so much.. cge guys.. sit down na muna tayo dun sakit sa paa ah”marco

“imperness ah.. sinu namang pumili ng damit mo?”jenny

“bakit?? Panget ba? Haha”marco

“no it looks so good… obvious ang abs hahaha”wency

“waaa…selos na ko”tom

And everyone laugh at tom everything is going nicely and smoothly hanggang sa nag datingan na ang ibat ibang mga bisita at naging bc narin si marco sa pag salubong sa mga bisita

“is everything ok here?”mitch

“yeh?... everything is ok… ahmm you’re the cousin of marco rigth?”jenny

“yup…and you are?”mitch

“oh.. ahmm friends kame ni marco”wency

“ah.. ok.. so sinu sa inyo si jen?”mitch

“that’s me”jenny

“si wens?,si nicko and tom?”mitch

“yeh were here”tom

“natatandaan ko nga na naikwento kayo saken ni marco,can I sit down here?”micth


Naikwento ni marco ang mga friends niya kay mitch before pero hindi ikinuwento ni maco na may same gender relationships sa kanilang grupo so the time goes on and on lalo pang nakilala nila jenny si mitch at ng wala na masyadong ginagawa si marco nilapitan niya ang mga friends niya..

“so mukang mag kakakilala na kayo ah”marco

“yup.. and you know what marco..galing mo talaga pumili ng mga friends.. kaya lang yung iba mukang shy na shy saken ih…hi ikaw ba si nicko?”mitch

“hi… oo ako nga”nicko

“so marco intruduce mo naman ako ng maayus kay nicko”mitch

Hindi alam ni marco ang gagawin..hindi niya alam kung panu Iiintruduce si nicko kay mitch should he say “he is my lover?or just my friend?”

“ok… ahmm nicko this is mitch my cousin… micth this is nicko.. my… friend”marco

When nicko heard this from marco his face begun to be on a bad mood..

“so hi nicko.. nice to meet you”mitch

Hindi umiimik si nicko…

“ops look at the time I have to go na.. nice talking with you guys..marco I have to go na dame pa ko kailangan ayusin sa bahay”mitch

“I understand ingat sa pag uwe”marco

When mitch was gone everyone in the table was silent ..

“babe?” marco

“Im going home na rin”nicko

“ha?.. but babe? Hindi pa tapos yung party”marco

“ahmm im getting thursty wens tom tara kuha muna tayu ng juice”jenny

When jenny and the others is going to get a drinks naiwan si marco and nicko sa table..

“babe Im sorry,hindi pa kasi nila alam eh… baka mabigla sila pag sinabe ko..babe I wish you understand”marco

“no I cant understand… sa buong family ko alam nila na tayo kilala ka nila..bakit sa family mo ayaw mo kong ipakilala kahit manlang sa cousin mo”nicko

Marco smiled at nicko… he stands up and get to the center stage of the party.

“ahmm everyone … thank you for coming to my party… I have a big announcement to do… i know my family will not be happy for this but.. I love him and I want you all to know… me and nicko we are lovers”

Everyone was shock..

“babe? Will you come up the stage?”marco

Tumayo si nicko sa kanya kinauupuan at lumapit sa stage… everyone is quite stairing at nicko..when nicko steps in front of everyone… someone from the back clap.. and everyone else claps…

“I will never let you go babe.. I love you”marco

“I love you too babe”nicko

Then someone steps in the stage holding a mic..

“im so proud of you marco… kanina im just testing you kung aaminin mo na sa lahat eh.. we are your family marco tanggap namen kung anu ang gusto mo”mitch

It was mitch.. mitch didn’t realy went home he was rigth there waiting for marco`s revelation

After this big revelation… the true party starts… its time to dance and rock the house down..inabot ng 12mid nyt ang party… hindi na maka uwi sila jenny,wency,tom,and nicko so they desided na makitulog nalng kila marco and at that nigth it was the first time na may mangyare kila marco and nicko… they both share the love that they feel

to be continued

forbidden love (part4)

Nang nakapunta na sila wency sa kanyang house jenny desided na mag timpla muna ng mainit na maiinum after that everyone drink a nice hot coffee they were all having a blanket around there body its summer but this day is the coldest day of summer…

“hey jenny this coffee taste good” nicko

“arigato.. kuhang kuha ko ba ang lasa na like nyo?” jenny

“yeh i Iike it”marco…” how about you wens? Did you like it?”

Sa time na to tulala si wency mukang malalim ang iniisip agad nmng inakbayan siya ni marco

“don’t think of him anymore, his not worthy for your love”

When wency heard this he started crying nanaman..

“oh common wens.. you shouldn’t waste your tears with that bullsh*t” nicko

“gomennasai ,hindi ko lang kasi matanggap na na loko ako ng tadong yun” wency

“correct!.. kaya next time ingat ingat na ha… pero kakainis nga yun ah… siya pa naman nakauna sayo!” jenny

Wency cried again like a child

“ JENNY!!....” marco

“im so sorry ,,, … “jenny

Then wency stoped crying and said…

“more coffee please, sarap!”

“ thank god you like it “ jenny

“hey after the rain, why don’t we go to a mall?”marco

“good idea… since we have nothing to do lets go to a mall later”nicko

“what do you think wens?”marco

“yeh sure”

Kagaya ng plano nag punta nga ang mag babarkada sa mall … first nilang ginawa is kumain sa isang fast food ang saya nilang apat even si wency na halos nakalimutan na ang problema ,after eating they desided to watch a comedy movie they laugh all day…nung oras na para umuwi may nakitang nice dresses si jenny then she desided to look around baka may mapili siya… then syempre nagustuhan din nila wens kaya tumingin tingin narin sila hanggang sa nag ka hiwa hiwalay sila jen by herself ,si nicko and marco magkasama then wency by himself rin….

After a minute wency saw a cute plain tshirt… nung about na niyang kunin sakto naman na may kumuha rin then nag pang abot ang hands nila at halos nag holding hands na silang dalawa… when wency look at it.. it was tom..

“its yours” walked away

“hey wait …ahm..” tom

“you know what?...wala ka namang dapat sabihin ih ,lets just act na hindi kita nakita at hindi tayo mag kakilala pwde po ba yun?”wency

“but wency”tom

“NO BUTS!... ayoko ng masaktan dahil sayo….. ,sayonara mr tom”wency

Hinawakan agad ni tom ang braso ni wency…

“hayaan mo muna kasi akong magpaliwanag”

“wala kanang dapat ipaliwanag!!!... you just used my body, yun lang yung gusto mo! Narinig ko na nag tapat ka kay marc… pagkatapos mo akong gamitin im just a toy na pinag sawaan at itatapon nalang! Akala ko mahal mo ko”

Then isang malakas na sampal ang dumampi sa muka ni tom… ginawa yon ni wency para bitawan siya ni tom… then wency ran… pinunasan ni wency ang luha niya at pinigilan ang sarili na lumuha pa

“hey wens?.. is something wrong? Are you crying?” jenny….

Jenny look at the place where wency is from then she saw tom crying

“wency lets go..” hinila ni jenny si wency paalis and they saw nicko and marco

“guys lets go…nandito rin sa mall si tom”

“ha?? … ok lets go” nicko

Habang nag lalakad papalabas ng mall walang imik si wency nakatulala at hindi nag sasalita kasama niya si marco na umaalalay sa kanya...

They desided na sa bahay nalang nicko dahil ito ang pinaka malapit ng house sa mall… tulala parin si wency he cant believe na nasampal niya si tom…then wency`s phone ring when jenny take a look at it… it was tom calling…

“so..? sagutin ba o I ignore??”jenny..

“ikaw wens? Sasagutin mo ba?” marco

“ewan ko !!.. gulong gulo nanaman ako.. bakit ba kapag ok na yung lahat bigla nalang siyang manggugulo!!”wency

“wens calm down ,why don’t you talk to him ,tell him na nakapag move on kana sa kanya” marco

“give me the phone” wency


“sakit nung sampal mo saken kanina ah”tom

“mas masakit ang ginawa mo saken.. minahal kita but you never loved me”

“minahal kita wency, ang nakita mo nung time na yon is just work of heat… ikaw ang mahal ko wens”

“and you expect me to believe you?.”

“im not expecting that you would believe me., I just want you to forgive me ayokong mawala ka saken”

“well tom its too late”

“ please don’t say its too late I don’t want to end this , hindi coincedence ang pag kikita naten sa mall … sinusundan kita kasi ayokong mawala ka saken”

“ kung ayaw mo akong mawala sayo bakit mo ginawa yon?!”

“hindi ko sinasadya yon…please wens im sorry”

“sorry is not enough!!.... its too late tom”

*Brougth down the phone*

“Guys I think im going home… sobrang pagod na kasi eh… dameng nangyare ngayong araw na to super pagod na to” wency

“wens if you want you can sleep over here? Para atleast mag kakasama sama tayo kasi mag sleep over din kame nila jenny dito eh…”marco

“wag na lng I have many things to do sa bahay eh,cge im going,.. and oo nga pala…. Don’t ever try to follow me ha!!”

“… basta wag ka mag atubiling tumawag samen if something goes wrong ok?”jenny

“yeh… ill call you if I got home, I just need a time to think by my self..and hey guys. Thank you so much I had a great time sa mall kanina thank you talaga”

“we are happy that your happy,, ingat ka sa pag uwe ha… ihatid kana kaya namen?”
“wag na… para naman akong bata niyan haha”

Then just like expected uuwi nga si wency… he get a taxi … when wency came infront of his house his not expecting what he saw… tom was there.. sitting in the ground infront of his house… wency don’t know what to do …. Is he going straigth to tom or go back to nicko`s house?.....then

“hey tom?!... why are you here?!” wency…

Wency desided to go straigth ,tom`s house is too far

“ Im waiting for you”

“waiting for me?... haha … I think you better go home”

“but …do you know I waited here over 4 hours”

(time that wency is traveling)

“so? Sinu ba nag sabi sayo na hintayin mo ko jan?... ikaw lang naman nag papakapagod eh..umuwi kana”

“hindi mo man lang ba ako papapasukin sa bahay mo?”

“hindi.. kaya umiwi kana”

When wency is going inside the house sumabay si tom… kaya hindi na nagawa pang siraduhan ni wency si tom… by now nasa loob narin ng house ni wency si tom

“pwede ba? Lumabas ka !!”

Wency put all his strength… tinulak niyang palabas ng bahay ni tom…tom couldn’t do anything ang lakas ni wency… in no time nasa labas na ng bahay si tom

“and stay out!”

Nabigla si tom… he was so shock… and si wency naman… naupo sa sahig crying

“babe… no matter what babalik at babalik ako…”

(sa garargar na boses)” bumalik ka kung gusto mo! .. nag papakapagod ka lang”

Wency ran upstairs… tom couldn’t do anything then someone called in his phone “ kuya mom is finding you… asan kaba? Umuwi kana nga dito sa bahay!”

“ocge.pauwe na ko..”

When wency was upstairs… he couldn’t help himself to cry…

“bakit ba naman kasi kung kailan naka pag move on nako bumalik ka pa!.. hindi nakita mahal kaya wag ka nang bumalik pa!”

His saying this while holding a picture of tom in his hands

Hindi mapigil ni wency ang pag iyak… hanggang sa naka tulog nalang siya ….when wency woke up his phone is ringing its jenny calling…

“hello! Wens!... bakit di ka tumawag kanina! Nag hihintay kaya kame sa tawag mo!. Ok lang ba byahe mo?”

“yeh super ok lang byahe ko… kasama mo pa sila marco?”

“yup… gusto mong kausapin?”

“no wag na actually natutulog ako eh… sakit kasi ng ulo ko”

“ahh ganun ba? Naistorbo yata kita .. sige baba ko na tong phone bye”

“thanks sis… bye..”

Then wency put the phone down…exact na pag ka baba ni wency ng phone niya it ring again…when he look at it someone is calling him pero hindi naka register ang no. but he still answered it


“hello? Babe..? ok ka naba ? sorry kanina ah” tom

“fuck!... wala kaba talagang magawa??”

Then wency heard the voice of tom its like a voice of someone crying

“babe,please wag mo kong pahirapan …mahal na mahal kita”

Sa loob ni wency alam niya na he still love tom… kaya lang his thinking of na baka masaktan nanaman siya ni tom that’s why his realy trying hard to forget tom.. but what ever he do.. he always ends up thinking of tom

“sino ba kasi nag sabi sayo na mag ka pakahirap ka? .ayokong ring nasasaktan ka tom.. ikaw lang ang may gusto na mag habol diba? Tom kung ayaw mong mahirapan itigil mo na”

“AYOKO! Hindi mo ba ako naiintindihan?.. ayokong mawala ka saken!...I LOVE YOU!”
Wency couldn’t say anything more… he put the phone down…

“aahhh!!!!!! Shit!!!!.. tom mahal na mahal kita pero ayokong saktan mo lang uli ako!..”

Nasabi to ni wency sa sarili niya gulong gulo na siya he don’t know what to do or what to follow his heart? Or his brain?...wency look at the clock its 3am in the morning…. He cant go to sleep his thinking of tom.. iniisip niya kung tatawagan ba niya si tom o itetxt ba niya? …. Wency did everything to make him fall to sleep kaya lang hindi talaga siya madalaw dalaw ng tulog .. he desided na mag open ng computer and makipag chat sa mga friends niya… pag ka open palang ni wency ng account niya it was full of messages from tom till the day na nakita nila si tom namay ginagawang bad thing hanggang sa day na kasalukuyan… wency remembered na hindi pala nga siya nag open since that day…kahit na super dame ng message from tom he still make time to read it all… after reading it all wency cried

“ang tanga ko”

The other day… wency`s phone was ringing

“good morning ?!...hello?”wency

“good morning babe.. ganda yata ng gising mo ah”tom


“yeh its me, wag mo naman ako babaan ng phone oh please”

“oo na…!? musta tulog mo?”wency

“iyak ako ng iyak kagabe di ako makatulog”tom

“sorry ah.. hindi kita pinag explain ,”wency

“babe? So ? ok na tayo?”tom

“oo na!! ok na tayo!”wency

“I love you babe”tom

“I love you too , hey babe nabasa ko lahat ng message mo saken sa ym pati rin yung message nung girl” wency

“kaya pala ih”tom

The message
“wency I gave you the video of the whole happenings sa room nayon papatunayan ko sayo walang nangyare samen.. ang naririnig niyong ingay that time is set up by her she realy likes me a lot kaya niya na gawa yun., yung sinabe ko kay marco I didn’t mean to say that andun kasi mga friends mo and alam ko na pag nag deny pa ko no one is going to believe me im so sorry wency I wish you could forgive me”

to be continued

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

forbidden love (part3)

it was 6am in the morning when jenny`s phone was ringin and jenny pick it up

jenny: hello? Good morning …

wency: ** sounds of crying**

jenny: hello? Wency? Is this you? Whats happening? Why are you crying?

Wency: sis huhuhu… tom is not txting neither calling me since 3 weeks.. I realy miss him huhuhu

Jenny: ha? My gosh! I thought something bad is happening to you!

Wency: this is bad… my baby is not calling neither txting me ** cry becomes louder**

Jenny: wens did you try to txt him? Or call him?

Wency: yeh I did but his not picking up his phone.. huhuhu

Jenny: you know what… since I have nothing to do later were just going to your place ^_^

Wency: ok… atleast I could have someone to talk with…what time are you going here?

Jenny: im going to txt marco and nicko to come… as far as I know they don’t have anything to do either I think we are going there 10am.. is that ok?

Wency: yeh sure… im expecting you guys to come 10am here in my house!

Just like expected … marco ,nicko and jenny came to wency`s house 10 am…they saw wency crying while watching tv…

Jenny: hey! Were here.!! Is the show realy so sad? …..

But when jenny take a look at the show it was a comedy show (tom and jerry) cartoon…

Jenny: hey!!... you supposed to be happy.!?

Wency: huh?? Oh you’re here…

Jenny: about time you realized we are here..!!! why is there so many tissues here?

Wency: I think I over used the tissues?

Jenny: yeh super obviuos..lets clean up first..

While jenny and nicko is cleaning up the floor, its time for marco to asked and talk to wency

Marco: wens? Are you ok? Whats wrong?

Wency: marc do I look ok?? … its tom his not txting me neither calling me I try to call him but he doesn’t pick up his phone… I think he don’t like me anymore

Marco: oh common…. Wency… you’re nice ,cute,and educated person …remember theres many fish in the sea…

Wency: but tom is a shark!! Do you know its so hard to catch a shark?

Marco: hahaha….your not that sad!… your making jokes meaning your not so much sad.. your just missing someone… stop this childish none sence ok? Stop crying… you shoudnt waste your time crying on someone who doesn’t give you time…
Marco erased the tears on wency`s eye… and smiled… then nicko said “ hey don’t mind me asking but … where`s your parents?”

Wency: ahmm actually I don’t know wheres my mom is … my dad is in states so im the only one whos living here…

Nicko: realy? Wow… can you live all by your own?

Wency: well I can survive… dad gives me money every end of the week

Marco: since when is your dad away from you?

Wency: well I think when I was a grade 5 student?! Before.. I have someone looking after me… her name is marta..shes a nice girl I think by now shes in states too… working as a caregiver…..

Marco: when did this marta leave you?

Wency: ahmm when I was 1st year student I was living alone in this house… at first I thought I cant but some how I did make it… I can cook, I can clean the house and do many house hold things…

Nicko: it must be so lonely living alone?

Wency: yeh super…. But I always think that someday someone would be there for me someone who would never leave me…

Jenny: and that’s us…. We are your friends for eternity….

wency: but then again nothing last forever.

Nicko: but we will do everything to make it last forever..

Wency: thank you guys…

Nicko: it must be so scary living alone in this big house

Wency: have to be so brave… theres no one to look out for me…

Jenny: but now we are here… theres someone who will care and look out for you

When wency heard this he knew he had found the rigth friends …. But theres still one problem he realy miss his lover

Marco: if you realy miss tom… then lets go to his house rigth now… take a bath and dress up were going to tom`s house…

Wency emidiately do the things that marco said and they leave ,when they got infront of the house of tom they knock at the door but no one is responding.. when nicko touch the door knob it was open when they got inside the house they hear noises from up stairs….

Marco: you said your brave ? is the time to show your braveness
Marco said this to wency… marco had an idea from what is happening up stairs and he know wency will be hurt

Jenny: guys I think we better go..

Wency: no I want to know whos up stairs!...

Wency is about to cry at this moment he knew what marco is thinking… wency go up stairs and the noises begun to be louder and louder wency take a peek on the door and he cried when he saw whats the noises are.. it was tom doing love with other girl wency couldn’t help his self …. He knock to the door and opened it

Wency: konnichiwa,sore o mite bikkurishita ….. sayonara

And wency`s eyes begun to burst with tear…wency run out side the house jenny rush out side following wency

Marco: bakero!,I thought youd be a good lover for him but I gues your not, you just wanted his body don’t you?

Tom: hai, your rigth I just want to taste him..

Marco was very angry at this moment but nicko said “we must go.. we shouldn’t be here anymore but before we go” nicko came closely to tom.. and punch him… and said “bullsh*t” when they all get out side the house they tried to make wency feel that his not alone… but all of a sudden it started to rain.. and they just heard wency saying “ guys please just leave me alone I just need a time of my own please”

Jenny: guys I think we need to leave him

Nicko: ha? Are you sure?

Jenny just smiled at nicko and marco..then they leave.. after leaving wency take a walk in the rain its not very obvious that if you cry in the rain no one could see you, wency don’t want anyone to see him crying at this time wency think that his the only one on his life theres no one to love him no one to care for him but his self ,wency came to the park theres only him so his free to scream anything he want

then wency sits on the ground and cries , wency didn’t know that his 3 best friends was just a mile away looking at him… jenny couldn’t stand it no more she came to wency and hug him…

jenny: wens your not alone…

nicko: we are here to care and look for you.. we will never leave you…

marco: that’s for sure… common stop crying…

** group hug**

Marco: remember what I said? Theres many fish in the water… you just have to be patient in waiting… and this broken heart of yours? … let me tell you… time can heal anything ^_^

Wency: thank you ….

Marco: common lets go home…

Then wency stand up and they go home… wishing that everything would be ok..

to be continued

forbidden love (part2)

Hindi na magtatagal at mag susummer break na everyone is busy thinking of what to do this summer ,ang iba nag heheld na agad ng outing for the summer with friends and also for lovers too, for nicko and marco this is the best time to be with each other that’s why they didn’t waste time… agad silang sumali sa outing na planado ng class section nila

2 days before summer break….. everybody is so excited except for wency

**Phone ringing**

wency: hey marc? Are you going to the outing?

Marco: yup ,gusto ni nicko ih siya nga nag suggest na sumama kame… ikaw? Sasama ka?

wency: not yet sure.. baka ma o.p ako dun…!?

Marco: bakit ka naman ma o.p. eh nandun kame ni nicko pwede kang sumabay samen

wency: ayoko nga … baka maka istorbo pa ko sa kasweetan niyong dalawa noh haha

Marco: ok… so panu yan?

wency: kung may sasabay lang sana saken !? …….

Marco: ah! Alam ko na … I have a friend named tom!

wency:tom?di ko sia kilala haha…

marco: ok lang yun kahit di mu siya kilala friendly naman yun ih… ill txt him na sabayan at samahan ka… ok na?

wency: thanks marco … !!!!

**wency`s phone ringing **

wency: (huh?) sinu kaya to? Unknown no. ? baka ito na yun!....hello?

Tom: hello? Is this wency?

Wency: yeh its me… whos this?

Tom: its me tom nag request saken si marco na kung pwde raw kitang samahan…

Wency: oh yeh… sorry sa istorbo sayo ah… wala kasi akong makakasama sa outing … kaya yun nag suggest si marco na ikaw nalang daw sumama saken… if ok lang sayo..

Tom: yeh ok lang …actually wala rin akong makakasama eh…. Nag dadalwang isip nga ako kung sasama ako… well now mukang merun na…

Wency: same pala tayo? Haha….

dumating na ang araw ng summer ang araw ng outing ng buong class wency was thinking of what face ba ang itsura ni tom… ang usapan nila mag kikita na daw silang dalawa sa labas ng sakayan papunta sa meeting place ng buong class mas maagang dumating si wency he is excited to see the face of the guy named tom… then he realized “lahat ng sasama sa outing namen classmate lang rin namen pero I cant remember a guy named tom in our class”

tom: hey?wency?

when wency heard this voice he knew it was tom… he turn his head and look at the guy

wency: tom?

Tom: yeh its me.. ready?? Lets go…! Baka malate pa tayo …
Wency: ok… sige lets go..

Tom: akin nayang bag mo ako na mag dadala

Tom smiled at wency ... a wonderfull smile that turn wency to a stone..tom is kinda hunky ,cute ,friendly, and most of all his also a “bi” by this time nafefeel na rin ni wency na parang na aatract narin siya sa same gender niya ayaw niya lang aminin sa sarili niya …while waiting for a taxi wency was so confused he never realy seen this guy sa loob ng class nila… so he begun asking

Wency: anung section mo?

Tom: ka section mo ko … hindi niyo lang ako masyadong napapansin kasi im always at the back being alone and always rin akong absent

Wency: ah ganun ba? (ang galing rin ni marco ah napansin niya pa si tom?)

Tom: oo ,sa tingin ko nga si marco lang ang nakakapansin saken sa buong class ih..

Wency: yeh marco is a nice guy, he wants everyone to be his friend

Tom: well atleast now hindi lang si marco ang nakakakilala

Wency: ganun na nga.!! Friends na rin tayo haha

Pag dating sa meeting place nakita na nila wency ang iba pa nilang classmate everyone is looking at them and someone said “ uy! Look at wency and tom don’t they look good together?” when wency heard this he was so shy namula siya at napansin yun ni tom

Tom: hey wency? Are you ok?

Wency: yeh im fine… ikaw? Ok ka lang ba jan? kanina mo pa bitbit lahat ng gamit ko ah…. Are you sure its ok for you na dalhin yan?

Tom: ok lang.. gamit mo naman to ih

Wency: ( gamit ko naman yan? What does he mean?) ok??…. thank you

Again tom smiled at wency and wency again see the super killer smile of tom… and because of that wency smiled at him too… tom was amazed by the angel in front of him tom felt like he was realy faling inlove with wency ,… when they got to the van same lang rin ang kanilang chairs so meaning mag ka tabe sila hindi maiwasan ng iba na mag bigay ng malisya… so may biglang nag tanung “ hey wency ,tom kayo naba? Alam niyo bagay kayo “ everyone laugh walang imik si wency si tom ang nag salita… “ sana nga eh “ when wency heard this his mind just float in air

Wency: (aba? Loko to kung anu anu pinag sasabe ) guys hindi po kame noh… sinamahan lang ako ni tom dito kasi nga wala akong kasabay diba tom

Tom: yup that’s true so yan mag kasama kame ngayon haha

When everyone heard this they know that wency and tom will end up liking each other kaya they just leave the two alone …when they got to the place agad na kinuha nila wency and tom ang kanilang mga bags then they find room .. nasa iisang room lang sila wency and tom… good for two ang bawat rooms na inarkila ng class kaya sila na ang mag kasama … after putting their bags sa rooms nag simula na si wency sa pag hahanap kay marco ,nicko and jenny, unang nakita ni wency si jenny
Wency: hey jen!... san sila marco and nicko?

Jenny: i was finding for them rin ih… sabay nalang tayu mag hanap sa kanila

Wency: ok…
Narating nila jenny and wency ang 2nd to the last room and they saw marco

Wency: hey marco!!

Marco: oh wency… anu? Ok bang kasama si tom?

Wency: well ok na rin…kahit papanu

Marco: kahit papanu? Bakit?boring ba kasama?

Wency: hindi basta nevermind… thank you talaga ah… atleast may naka sama ako balik na ko dun sa room namen baka nag hihintay si tom dun

Marco: ok… jenny dito ka muna help mo kame hehe please!

Jenny: ok since wala na naman akong gagawin sa room ko game let me help you

Bumalik si wency sa room nila ni tom… when wency was there he saw something … tom was speaking with a girl..then tom kissed the cheeks of the girl… wency know that he has no rigths to be angry and be jealous from what he saw… but he cant help his self…when the girl came out of there room he go in and get his things…

Tom: hey? What are you doing?

Wency: none of your business!

Tom: ano bang ginagawa mo bakit kaba nag iimpake? San ka pupunta ?

Wency: wala kanang pake.. dun ako sa room nila marco.. at ikaw naman papuntahin mo dito yung babae na kanina kausap mo!

Tom: ha? Ahhh I get it… nag seselos ka sa kanya noh?

Wency: ako? Mag seselos? At bakit? Tayo ba?

Tom: yan din sana itatanung ko sayo tayo ba?

Hindi na nakaimik si wency… he get his bag and palabas na sana siya ng pinto ng biglang hinarangan siya ni tom

Tom: dito ka lang…

Tom cornered him in the wall

Wency: get out of my way… bitawan mo nga ako!

Tom: di kita hahayaang umalis…

Then tom whispered of wency`s ear…” I like you” at that time wency was very shock he cant say and move ….then tom kissed him wency closed his eyes when tom kissed him it last over 5 min. when its done wency was about to cry… but tom asked” i like you ,can you be mine?” hindi makapag salita si wency naguguluhan siya… then wency`s phone rang

Marco: hey wens!... start na ng swimming oh labas na kayo jan sa room niyo!

Wency: yeh wait lang nag chachange pa ko ng damit ….

Marco: ok bilisan mo ah…


After putting the phone down

Wency: lets go hinahanap na nila tayo dun..

Tom hold the hands of wency and said

Tom: say you like me first…

Wency: I like you., now can we go?
Tom again kissed wency a passionate kiss after it magkasama silang pumunta sa pool ng mag ka “holding hands” napansin ng iba kaya hindi mapigil na may masabi sila …. Ang swimming ay isang over nigth swimming they all have the super happy day when its time to go to sleep… isa isa na silang pumunta sa kani kanilang mga rooms…

Tom: hey did you had fun?

Wency: yeh I did… thanks to you

Tom: I love you

Wency: aba? Kanina I like you ngayon I love you na ang bilis naman

Tom: ang dale mo kasing mahalin eh..

Wency: ocge… I love you too… kaya lang tom panu yung mga tao na hindi na iintindihan ang same gender relationship?

Tom: wala akong pake sa kanila… basta tayo na

Wency: ewan ko sayo haha

Then tom came closer to wency and asked

Tom: so matutulog naba tayo?

Wency: oo matutulog na tayo kaya ikaw pumunta kana dun sa bed mo at matulog kana!

Tom: ha? Eh ayoko dun sa bed ko…

Wency: anu? Ed san ka matutulog?

Tom: dito sa tabe mo…

Tom begun to be closer and closer to wency…

Wency: umayos ka nga… ! matulog kana… para kang tanga jan… bakit kaba gumagapang!!!!

Tom: ahihihi…

Wency: tom umayos ka ah…ikaw!...---

Bago pa mag salita si wency ng mga words tom kissed wency`s lips… super pasionate kiss and it last for too long hanggang kung san san na nakakapunta ang kamay ni tom then wency push him

Wency: ah!... tom anu bah!...

Tom: I love you baby…** smiles** (super pamatay)

Wency: ikaw ha! Kala mo madadala mo ko sa pangiti ngiti mo! ** smiles ng nakakaloko**
Tom: hahaha…

Then tom again start to kissed him and mag likot ang kamay… at this time hindi na nag pipigil si wency and he let tom do the job…. They share the romance all night they did it till morning

**knock knock**

Wency goes to the door and see who is knocking… it was jenny… sinilip ni jenny ang buong room nila tom and wency… and jenny saw tom na naka suot lang ng brief and as well as wency na naka boxer shorts lang… then jenny laugh and ask

Jenny(shouting) : hey sleepy head! Wake up!... whats happening here?? Hahaha kayo ah!...kung anu anu pinag gagawa niyo….! Hahaha…

Nagising si tom… tumawa nalamang rin si tom and said

Tom: ganyan talaga jen pag nag mamahal may ganun talaga

Jenny: hahaha ewan ko sainyo!.. hahaha… mag ayos na kayo dahil maya maya ready na ang breakfast at aalis na tayo..!?

Tom: yes ms jenny … maya maya na kame mag aayos may isang round pa kame hahaha…

*** jenny trows the pillow***

Jenny: sira ulo!... wens good luck hahaha

Then jenny go out from the room… at nag ayos na agad sila wency and tom ng knilang sarili… tom hug wency from the back and said “ baby I love you” : “ I love you too” pag labas nilang dalwa sa dining area everyone was looking at them then jenny started the conversation…

Jenny: hey ahmm guys mukang merung dapat na I announce si tom and wency saten

Wency: ha? Merun ba? Haha

Jenny: guys yung dati po kasi na ayaw na ayaw sa same gender relationship …. Aba tingnan nio nga naman may bf na po…

Tom stands up and said

Tom: ehem… the big thing na iaanounce po namen na sabi jenny is,.. kame na po ni wency…

Everyone clap at them others are saying congratulations… wency stands up and look at tom.. then tom smiles at wency and kissed him… everyone shouts with joy… even nicko and marco… hahaha …. At the end of the party inihatid ni tom si wency sa bahay nila

Wency: I had so much fun baby… thank you

Tom: thank you rin baby… txt na lang kita ah… I love you

Umalis si tom….. and wency was super happy… he know na at first he is so nega about having same gender relationship but now he has his own ”its not that bad” he said to his self

to be continued

forbidden love (part1)

There was this teenager who named Marco .marco is just a normal teenager living and doing what other normal teenager do..but everything began to be weird when he realize that he was being attracted to his same gender he realized it when he was a high school student…

Marco was inlove with a guy named nicko …nicko is cute , nice ,and one of the smart student in there class at first marco didn’t imagine that things like this would happen that he would fall in love to his friend but then time come and the feelings for his friend begun to grow until one day he desided to say the truth “in front of the class”

Marco: ahmm … nicko?

nicko: yes ?

( friends cheering for marco)
friend jenny: go marc! Yieeee

nicko: whats happening? Marc? Are you going to say something??

Marco was very nervous at this time then the bell rang everyone in the class say “oh common” then the teacher came in the room…

Teacher: whats happening here? Why is everyone shouting?!

Marco: ahmm mam its my fault

Teacher:why mr marco? What have you done?

jenny (shouts): MAM MARCO LIKES nicko!

nicko: ha? Why did I heard my name??!! (blush)

Teacher: ok… since we have finished all our lessons last week and we don’t have anything to do lets just make this our topic of the day… so the topic for today is same gender relationships

When the teacher said this everyone laugh and nicko was so shy he just lay his head to the table marco don’t know what to do he just look at nicko…

Marco: ahmm mam I think we should just stop this

Nicko: no I think this is a good topic… so why did you like me?

Marco was very shock he didn’t expect nicko to say this so the conversation starts with the whole class listening

Marco: I don’t know It just came to me and I don’t know how to handle it anymore either you like me or not atleast I said what my feelings is…

Teacher: so mr marco your saying right now that your proud of being what you are?

Marco: yes mam I am… for me theres nothing wrong from just being myself.

Everyone clap at marco when he said this his teacher smiled at him but theres only one guy that do not feel happy for marco

Nicko: why am I the one that you like? There are so many guys here in the class why me?

Marco: I don’t know the one who choose you is my heart

Then the bell rang its recess time but everyone didn’t stand up to there chair the room begun to be quit for a sec.. until there teacher said “ok everyone break time ,take your break” while everyone is going out to the room marco just sit down to his chair and bow his head to the table …. Until he felt someone taping his back…when he look at it was jenny his friend

Jenny: arent you going to take your break?

Marco: im so shy to go out of the room L I feel like nicko is angry at me L

Jenny: I think not , I saw him smiling while going out the room that means he likes what he heard

Marco was so happy when he heard this from jenny ,..jenny is one of marco`s best friends in the class and also one of the highest rating students in the class

Jenny: so wanna go now? im starving and I cant eat all alone in the canteen

Marco: ok.. actually im starving too.. !

When they got to the canteen marco was finding for one person… but he just couldn’t find him there

Jenny: marco you cant find him here ,im sure

Marco: how come your very sure of it? Do you know where he is?

Jenny: boys like nicko don’t want to be on crouded places so I gues his in some room having his food by all him self

Marco didn’t say a thing when he heard this he just think of the things that heppened in the room… the bell rang again everyone came to there own perspective rooms ,marco was in the corridor when he saw nicko walking trough him

Nicko: hey this letter is for you read it when you come home…

Marco: ok? (what ever this letter is I wish it doesn’t say that he realy hates me)

Nicko: arent you going inside if our teacher see`s you there youll be in great trouble come in side

Marco came inside the room with nicko beside him and all the class saw it … and they started saying things again and begun to shout for marco again … all of them was very happy for marco and as well as marco ... the last bell rang its time to go home… marco was very excited to go home because he wants to read the letter that nicko gave to him …..when he opened it he was jumping with joy there was only few words in letter but for marco at that time it meant everything

“ I like you too …the truth is ive been hiding my true feelings for you for a long time but now that I know that you feel the same way I was very happy … hey your so brave telling your feelings to the whole class…

p.s. im going to pick you up 6pm in your house lets go for a date “

marco cant believe what he was reading …. He dialed the no. of jenny

marco: hey jenny remember the letter I said ?

jenny: yeh did you read it already?

Marco: yeh I did … and you know what? Me and nicko are going to a date his going to pick me up 6pm in my house

Jenny: oh my god??!! Is that truee!!! My gosh! Im so excited for you marc!!

Marco: I don’t know what to wear im very nervous!!... haha

Jenny: just don’t blew it up!! I know you can do it …

Marco: thanks sis! My gosh I have to prepare now….!!

Marco had shower and dress up… he use the most perfect perfume he had and just like expected nicko came at 6pm sharp… it was the first date that marco had so he is very nervous

Nicko: lets go?

Maco: yeh lets go..

Nicko and marco had a great time together they were so happy being together doing everything like the time stop in there own world …. They wish that this would never end… they go to the amusement park having there time sitting to a bench while eating cotton candies and laughing at the jokes of each other when the nigth end and its time to go home… nicko desided to go with marco until he came to his house… infront of marco`s house they say good bye… but for nicko its not enough nicko kissed the lips of marco…

Nicko: I love you.. I will never let you go… your mine

Marco closed his eyes and said to his brain “im yours” ….. in the morning marco`s phone was ringing… when he answered it .. it was nicko.

Nicko: good morning babe how is your night?

Marco: its fine… hey… I still remember your kiss :P

Nicko: don’t worry ill do it again in front of the class later haha

Marco: oh no you don’t ! hahaha… that’s enough embarrassment for me…haha

Nicko: I love you babe your mine

Marco: I love you too …yeh I think im yours haha

Nicko: better get up to bed and eat your breakfast before it gets cold….see you later babe I have to take my bath I love you

Marco: ok I will… I love you too..

Just like everyday activity marco get up to his bed eat his breakfast and take his shower get dress up and went to school… when marco is in his room… he don’t know whats happening everyone is looking at him… his with his friend jenny

Marco: hey jenny why are they looking at you?

Jenny: they are not looking at me they are looking at you :P haha

Marco look straigth to jenny and ask

“whats happening?”

Jenny:go look for yourself ,look at the board

he was very shock when he saw whats on the board “ YOUR MINE BABE … I LOVE YOU NICKO<3marco” style=""> “your love is forbidden if I were you guys stop it “

“excuse me?? As long as I love him theres nothing forbidden to it”

When marco heard this he turn his head to the person whos saying this it was nicko… everyone was quite…

Wency: haha.. you realy think your love is a wonderful one? Hahaha… common use your brain ! same gender relationship is forbidden you guys will just hurt yourself !

Nicko: do you even care? Your just one of our classmates you shouldn’t give such comments like that…

The bell rang everyone sits to there own chairs then they erased the writings in the board marco was worrying about nicko… he never seen nicko`s emotion like that… in the middle of the lesson marco made a letter and pass it to nicko…. When the letter get to nicko .. nicko read it “ babe ? are you ok? I told you to don’t do it infront of everyone are you ok?....then nicko replied “im ok… that shit don’t want our relationship arrrg!” : “ its ok babe don’t mind him anymore” then the next bell rang the next subject is values nicko and marco forgot that they had an acting show as an assignment nicko came to marco`s table…

Nicko: babe your good in acting …do you think you can do it even with out a script?

Marco: yeh I could… just tell me what the topic is I can act it out J

Nicko: good our topic is about same gender relationship

Marco: ha? Are you sure?

Nicko: yeh I am ….besides I think no one is going to act that topic…

In every student that acts in front after acting the teacher ask a question but the question for nicko and marco is different…. when they finished acting everyone clap at them then the teacher ask

Teacher: so why is this the topic that you pick?

Nicko: mam because we want to show to everyone that having a same gender relationship is not forbidden!

Teacher: ok..?? so anyone wants to react about nicko and marcos act?

When the teacher ask this… wency immediately raise his hands

Teacher: ok wency?...

Wency: it is said by the HOLY BIBLE that same gender relationship is forbidden the only persons that god made is male and female ….

When marco heard this he couldn’t stand it anymore and he said

Marco: it is also said that true love is when you and other person love each other its not only on the opposite gender….. now if you don’t understand it you just better shut up..

Teacher: ok that’s enough …good work nicko and marco.. you may take your sit..

When the last bell rang its time to go home… marco was packing his things and nicko was waiting for him when wency came to them

Wency: hey ahmm guys… im sorry

Marco: its ok… we understand what you were saying

Nicko: sometimes try to fall inlove with your same gender :D

They went out to the gate wearing that big smile in their faces… nicko ,marco ,wency and jenny the four of them J