Tuesday, June 29, 2010

forbidden love (part1)

There was this teenager who named Marco .marco is just a normal teenager living and doing what other normal teenager do..but everything began to be weird when he realize that he was being attracted to his same gender he realized it when he was a high school student…

Marco was inlove with a guy named nicko …nicko is cute , nice ,and one of the smart student in there class at first marco didn’t imagine that things like this would happen that he would fall in love to his friend but then time come and the feelings for his friend begun to grow until one day he desided to say the truth “in front of the class”

Marco: ahmm … nicko?

nicko: yes ?

( friends cheering for marco)
friend jenny: go marc! Yieeee

nicko: whats happening? Marc? Are you going to say something??

Marco was very nervous at this time then the bell rang everyone in the class say “oh common” then the teacher came in the room…

Teacher: whats happening here? Why is everyone shouting?!

Marco: ahmm mam its my fault

Teacher:why mr marco? What have you done?

jenny (shouts): MAM MARCO LIKES nicko!

nicko: ha? Why did I heard my name??!! (blush)

Teacher: ok… since we have finished all our lessons last week and we don’t have anything to do lets just make this our topic of the day… so the topic for today is same gender relationships

When the teacher said this everyone laugh and nicko was so shy he just lay his head to the table marco don’t know what to do he just look at nicko…

Marco: ahmm mam I think we should just stop this

Nicko: no I think this is a good topic… so why did you like me?

Marco was very shock he didn’t expect nicko to say this so the conversation starts with the whole class listening

Marco: I don’t know It just came to me and I don’t know how to handle it anymore either you like me or not atleast I said what my feelings is…

Teacher: so mr marco your saying right now that your proud of being what you are?

Marco: yes mam I am… for me theres nothing wrong from just being myself.

Everyone clap at marco when he said this his teacher smiled at him but theres only one guy that do not feel happy for marco

Nicko: why am I the one that you like? There are so many guys here in the class why me?

Marco: I don’t know the one who choose you is my heart

Then the bell rang its recess time but everyone didn’t stand up to there chair the room begun to be quit for a sec.. until there teacher said “ok everyone break time ,take your break” while everyone is going out to the room marco just sit down to his chair and bow his head to the table …. Until he felt someone taping his back…when he look at it was jenny his friend

Jenny: arent you going to take your break?

Marco: im so shy to go out of the room L I feel like nicko is angry at me L

Jenny: I think not , I saw him smiling while going out the room that means he likes what he heard

Marco was so happy when he heard this from jenny ,..jenny is one of marco`s best friends in the class and also one of the highest rating students in the class

Jenny: so wanna go now? im starving and I cant eat all alone in the canteen

Marco: ok.. actually im starving too.. !

When they got to the canteen marco was finding for one person… but he just couldn’t find him there

Jenny: marco you cant find him here ,im sure

Marco: how come your very sure of it? Do you know where he is?

Jenny: boys like nicko don’t want to be on crouded places so I gues his in some room having his food by all him self

Marco didn’t say a thing when he heard this he just think of the things that heppened in the room… the bell rang again everyone came to there own perspective rooms ,marco was in the corridor when he saw nicko walking trough him

Nicko: hey this letter is for you read it when you come home…

Marco: ok? (what ever this letter is I wish it doesn’t say that he realy hates me)

Nicko: arent you going inside if our teacher see`s you there youll be in great trouble come in side

Marco came inside the room with nicko beside him and all the class saw it … and they started saying things again and begun to shout for marco again … all of them was very happy for marco and as well as marco ... the last bell rang its time to go home… marco was very excited to go home because he wants to read the letter that nicko gave to him …..when he opened it he was jumping with joy there was only few words in letter but for marco at that time it meant everything

“ I like you too …the truth is ive been hiding my true feelings for you for a long time but now that I know that you feel the same way I was very happy … hey your so brave telling your feelings to the whole class…

p.s. im going to pick you up 6pm in your house lets go for a date “

marco cant believe what he was reading …. He dialed the no. of jenny

marco: hey jenny remember the letter I said ?

jenny: yeh did you read it already?

Marco: yeh I did … and you know what? Me and nicko are going to a date his going to pick me up 6pm in my house

Jenny: oh my god??!! Is that truee!!! My gosh! Im so excited for you marc!!

Marco: I don’t know what to wear im very nervous!!... haha

Jenny: just don’t blew it up!! I know you can do it …

Marco: thanks sis! My gosh I have to prepare now….!!

Marco had shower and dress up… he use the most perfect perfume he had and just like expected nicko came at 6pm sharp… it was the first date that marco had so he is very nervous

Nicko: lets go?

Maco: yeh lets go..

Nicko and marco had a great time together they were so happy being together doing everything like the time stop in there own world …. They wish that this would never end… they go to the amusement park having there time sitting to a bench while eating cotton candies and laughing at the jokes of each other when the nigth end and its time to go home… nicko desided to go with marco until he came to his house… infront of marco`s house they say good bye… but for nicko its not enough nicko kissed the lips of marco…

Nicko: I love you.. I will never let you go… your mine

Marco closed his eyes and said to his brain “im yours” ….. in the morning marco`s phone was ringing… when he answered it .. it was nicko.

Nicko: good morning babe how is your night?

Marco: its fine… hey… I still remember your kiss :P

Nicko: don’t worry ill do it again in front of the class later haha

Marco: oh no you don’t ! hahaha… that’s enough embarrassment for me…haha

Nicko: I love you babe your mine

Marco: I love you too …yeh I think im yours haha

Nicko: better get up to bed and eat your breakfast before it gets cold….see you later babe I have to take my bath I love you

Marco: ok I will… I love you too..

Just like everyday activity marco get up to his bed eat his breakfast and take his shower get dress up and went to school… when marco is in his room… he don’t know whats happening everyone is looking at him… his with his friend jenny

Marco: hey jenny why are they looking at you?

Jenny: they are not looking at me they are looking at you :P haha

Marco look straigth to jenny and ask

“whats happening?”

Jenny:go look for yourself ,look at the board

he was very shock when he saw whats on the board “ YOUR MINE BABE … I LOVE YOU NICKO<3marco” style=""> “your love is forbidden if I were you guys stop it “

“excuse me?? As long as I love him theres nothing forbidden to it”

When marco heard this he turn his head to the person whos saying this it was nicko… everyone was quite…

Wency: haha.. you realy think your love is a wonderful one? Hahaha… common use your brain ! same gender relationship is forbidden you guys will just hurt yourself !

Nicko: do you even care? Your just one of our classmates you shouldn’t give such comments like that…

The bell rang everyone sits to there own chairs then they erased the writings in the board marco was worrying about nicko… he never seen nicko`s emotion like that… in the middle of the lesson marco made a letter and pass it to nicko…. When the letter get to nicko .. nicko read it “ babe ? are you ok? I told you to don’t do it infront of everyone are you ok?....then nicko replied “im ok… that shit don’t want our relationship arrrg!” : “ its ok babe don’t mind him anymore” then the next bell rang the next subject is values nicko and marco forgot that they had an acting show as an assignment nicko came to marco`s table…

Nicko: babe your good in acting …do you think you can do it even with out a script?

Marco: yeh I could… just tell me what the topic is I can act it out J

Nicko: good our topic is about same gender relationship

Marco: ha? Are you sure?

Nicko: yeh I am ….besides I think no one is going to act that topic…

In every student that acts in front after acting the teacher ask a question but the question for nicko and marco is different…. when they finished acting everyone clap at them then the teacher ask

Teacher: so why is this the topic that you pick?

Nicko: mam because we want to show to everyone that having a same gender relationship is not forbidden!

Teacher: ok..?? so anyone wants to react about nicko and marcos act?

When the teacher ask this… wency immediately raise his hands

Teacher: ok wency?...

Wency: it is said by the HOLY BIBLE that same gender relationship is forbidden the only persons that god made is male and female ….

When marco heard this he couldn’t stand it anymore and he said

Marco: it is also said that true love is when you and other person love each other its not only on the opposite gender….. now if you don’t understand it you just better shut up..

Teacher: ok that’s enough …good work nicko and marco.. you may take your sit..

When the last bell rang its time to go home… marco was packing his things and nicko was waiting for him when wency came to them

Wency: hey ahmm guys… im sorry

Marco: its ok… we understand what you were saying

Nicko: sometimes try to fall inlove with your same gender :D

They went out to the gate wearing that big smile in their faces… nicko ,marco ,wency and jenny the four of them J

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