Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mid Term

Laos, Christian P.                                                                                            September 10, 2013

Media, in its different forms which is radio, television, newspaper, magazines and by the new technology media also distributed information's to the use of social networks. Media has been the source of information’s has been the announcers and entertainers, the watchdogs and the setter of the agenda of the masses.

Yes, the setter of the agenda, there is a theory made by   Dr. Max McCombs and Dr. Donald Shaw named The Agenda-Setting theory wherein the ability media of media to influence has the agenda of different people around the world.

There is a lot of news and articles distributed by the different media around the world that uses this theory to influence the mass.

Let’s analyze two different broadsheets and one foreign news website and know what core assumptions we can find in them.

First The Manila Bulletin (There’s good news here)

      The Manila Bulletin is the Philippines' largest broadsheet newspaper by circulation, followed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Owned by a Filipino-Chinese business mogul Emilio Yap, who, aside from the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation (the paper's controlling company), also owns the Manila HotelCentro Escolar University and Euro-Phil Laboratories. 


Let’s see.

One of the most controversial and talked about topic nowadays in the Philippines is pork barrel scam, there are a lot of speculations that was said by the different whistle blowers and some of these speculations are yet to be proven. As a citizen of this country I tried to scan and read different Medias to know information's about the said issue;

Second Business Mirror (A Broader look at today's Business);

Business Mirror is a 2nd business newspaper in the Philippines founded by T. Antonio Chua-Cabangon its Publisher T. Anthony C. Cabangon. As of September 2011. Business mirror is known for its news and articles that tackles up the topic about different business trends.

Third The Wall Street Journal;

             Wall Street Journal is an American English-language international daily newspaper with a special emphasis on business and economic news.

But nowadays Wall Street Journal also emphasize the political news that are happening in their own government such as the one of the article that is given a wide space that could easily get the attention of the readers. "Obama Push to hit Syria Takes Detour" and other more political news.

The wall street journal also emphasizes different topics that are mostly read by the public and tries to set the topic as the most and widely read. Some of this is entertaining but not everything is really important.

In conclusion regarding the Agenda-Setting theory, both Broadsheets namely Business mirror and Manila bulletin, are perceiving kind of Broadsheets because they make the readers believe that this topics are needed to be discussed, talked about, and have the full attention of the readers.

Now about the Wall Street Journal Webpage, I can conclude that the webpage filters, shapes and also perceives the topics. First it filters and shapes because of the Top Picks articles that was posted, writers of this articles filters the information and shapes it to make it appealing to the readers so that the readers would think that this articles really confronts the reality and this articles are important. Second it perceives because of the different political news, written in different angles but same topic that is posted in the webpage. It makes the readers think that this topic are needed to be discussed, talked about, and have the full attention of the readers.

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